Stellar Engineering is an electrical safety oriented company. At Stellar Engineering, we strongly believe that a comprehensive arc flash and electrical safe work practices training is the most important aspect of any electrical safety program




What you will learn:

•Emergency procedures
•Arc-Flash Hazards, Labels, and PPE selection and maintenance
•Qualified persons
•Relevant North American Standards
•Arc Flash work permit requirements
•Safety training
•Codes (CSA Z462, NFPA 70E, OESC, CSA C22.1, IEEE, NEC, OSHA, etc...)
•Documentations (permits, safety plans, safety exams, trainings, retraining)
•Electrical hazard risk assessment and job briefing
•Lockout and Tagout per CSA Z460
•Electrical Safety programs (ESPs) and audits - preparation and execution
•Proper electrical equipment maintenance procedures and strategies
•Engineering safety by design (electrical equipment, and power systems)
•And much more ...

At Stellar Engineering, we are willing to listen to our clients, and before any training session, either in class or at the facility, we will discuss what is it exactly that the client needs more training, and we will make sure that the topic will be covered in depth during the training session.