⦁    Electrical Single Line Diagram (SLD): Preparation, update and auditing
⦁    Medium- and high-voltage substation design
⦁    Electrical infrastructure system design
⦁    Building electrical system design
⦁    Interior and exterior lighting design
⦁    Standby and emergency power
⦁    Cogeneration and distributed generation
⦁    Renewable power design
⦁    Feasibility studies

We work with our clients to identify the specific electrical engineering requirements and implement cost-effective solutions for high-performance and reliable operation of their electrical systems. With experience in central plants, sustainable design and complete business systems, Stellar Engineering utilizes state-of-the-art software for system analysis and building systems design. These tools allow us to effectively implement power systems solutions and designs that balance construction and operating costs, reliability, flexibility, maintainability and simplicity.