A Leader in Infrared Inspection, Arc Flash Studies, Hazard Assessment and Preventative Maintenance


What Is An Arc Flash?

Arc flash incidents can cause serious injuries to workers, damage equipment and disrupt operations. OSHA imposes numerous duties and responsibilities on employers in relation to arc flash and electrical safety – Certain legal requirements need to be met to insure compliance in work place. 


Engineering Studies

Stellar Engineer specializes in variety of electrical engineering studies that improves the reliability, safety, and efficiency of facilities.

Infrared Inspection & Testing Services

A professionally administered IR program can identify impending failures in electrical equipment and production machinery; thus, preventing business interruptions and maximizing profits.


NFPA 70E Electrical Safety Training

Electrical Design

Stellar Engineering is experienced in all aspects of electrical design and analysis. Our goal is to provide reliable, clean and stable power to every facility we design..

Knowledge of NFPA 70E electrical safety guidelines improves workplace electrical safety

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